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MEtech Global Consultant is a leading consultant provider of high-frequency trading consulting and technology teams with over 20 years of experience in the financial sector. MEtech Global Consultant specializes in high-speed infrastructure, trading applications and market-making. Our customers are based in the APAC region, which includes Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. In 2020, MEtech expanded and established a new London office in the UK to service financial customers in the European and US regions.

What is our typical targeting customer:

  • Investment banks and hedge funds 

  • Proprietary trading house

  • Cryptocurrency trading firm 


MEtech Global Consultant not only provides servers, storage, networking, security, systems and applications but also focuses on professional consulting services to integrate, optimize and tuning performance to be the fastest trading solutions for customers. The main goal is able to help customers enable them to compete more effectively within the fast-paced financial market and maximise profits from every single transaction in dynamic financial markets.

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MEtech Global Consultant

Our Servuces

Our Services

Infrastructure Design Service
  • HFT overclocking server

  • Ultra low latency network equipment

  • High-frequency financial trading system

  • FPGA system integration

  • Information Security Consultant

Performance &Optimization 

Provide financial high-frequency trading Server and low-latency network system tuning and match the client's different proprietary trading system optimization services to optimize the performance of hardware and software.

IT Outsourcing 

Provide outsourcing services such as overall financial trading system architecture, low-latency network system implementation, information security protection and smart hand services.

Low Latency 

Ultra-low latency connections cross international and cross-financial markets, including financial trading and cryptocurrency industries.

Market Data Service

Provide real-time financial market data and currency exchanges information all over the world.

Exchange Co-location Service

Provide hosting services of the various financial exchanges and network systems extending throughout the world.

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Ready to find out more?

How can be the No.1?

Does your software development library optimize for hardware design and transaction characteristics?

Does your operating system and the CPU core has been tuned to the optimal design with the new generation hardware?

Does the NIC hardware and multi-core processor configuration optimal?

Does the firmware of the trading host itself conform to the high-frequency trading characteristics?

Does the network environment of the exchange optimize?

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