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Case Study

Case I

The performance of the trading system had only achieved a 35-40us average speed and the maximum latency is even up to 110us via customer skill to perform performance tuning.​

MEtech Global offers an optimization performance tuning service to assist this customer to speed up their trading system to achieve 400-500%  performance increased, with an average of 8us or less and maximum latency dropped to 15us.

Case II

MEtech Global can offer a performance-optimized service and customized proprietary Linux kernel which when incorporated with a trader’s existing system can increase transaction capacity significantly and improve trading speed as well as reduce system jitter. 

According to the real test result, the customized proprietary kernel can perform an average latency reduces by 40us and the maximum latency can even reduce 90us so far compared to Linux default kernel with the same CPU frequency.

Case III

Service always values our customer. MEtech Global professional service is able to assist our customer to re-design and improve their trading system which leads one of the customers to make a turnover 30 million USD profit because of faster trading speed than other competitors on the day.

Case IV

MEtech Global offers the high-precision measurement solution to the financial customer which can assist and integrate customer trading environment with GPS and PTP to accurate analysis and understand each transaction through the accurate timestamp solution as well as improving the trading system performance being perfect.

Case V

MEtech Global professional consultant service is to enable you to achieve business target. MEtech Global offers a full stack trading platform solution which leads to this customer to grow for six consecutive months, and the equity capital of average orders amount in one month was 500 million USD, and one day it reached 1 billion USD with a market share of 11% to occupy the financial market.

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